10 Shows You Should Watch If You Liked Breaking Bad

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Breaking Bad is a masterpiece, without a doubt. It all began with the ‘Pilot’ episode of Breaking Bad in 2008 and the show went on for five seasons. The storyline of Breaking Bad is very suspenseful and dope, guns blazing, bodies dropping but the production and distribution of the blue stuff continued anyways. The story was about a high school teacher, Walter White who wanted to provide his money life’s comfort no matter what he had to do for that. Eventually, that led to his own doom.

Many of the fans prefer watching Breaking Bad again rather than choosing a new show to watch, most probably because of the great plot and storyline that the show portrays. However, there are several others options you can choose if you want to watch something similar to Breaking Bad for your everlasting entertainment.

The following is the list of 10 TV shows that you should watch if you want that Breaking Bad taste.

10. Banshee

Banshee is an Action-Packed TV series created by Jonathan Tropper and David Schickler. The main character of the show is played by Anthony Starr who assumes the identity of Lucas Hood to stay in Banshee, Pennsylvania, the same actor portrays Homelander in Amazon Orignal series ‘The Boys’.

The show is full of heroes, antiheroes, corruption, anarchy, and bloodshed. However, Breaking Bad is about the drug dealers but in Banshee, it’s totally different, the show features a gang of Diamond thieves who got their problems with their Ukrainian boss named Rabbit. The main character who is an ex-convict hides himself behind the name of Lucas Hood, a sherrif, to defend himself from the tight corners.

9. Ozark

Walter White was a normal high school teacher with a huge amount of knowledge in chemistry. He was threatened by Gustavo Fring that he’d kill his family. Similar to that, this show is about a financial advisor in Chicago who suddenly relocates his family from Chicago to a summer resort community in Osage Beach, Missouri.

Jason Batman plays the main character Marty Byrde who runs in trouble with the mexican druglord, shortly after that, he moves his family to Ozarks. He starts paying his debts to the mexican cartel and that’s when he gets into a bigger trouble.

8. Animal Kingdom

This show is much like Breaking Bad but it is with much bigger crimes and chaos than we see in Breaking Bad. The show is based on a criminal family so, if you have watched The Godfather, you might see some glimpse of the Corleone family’s criminal affairs in this family of this show. The show is about the Cody Family who are really really good at being bad. The first season was great, dramatic and chaotic.

The show is features the story of a 17 year old boy, Joshua, who starts living with his Grandmother after the death of his mother. Joshua’s Grandmother is the head of a criminal clan. Joshua slowly dissolves with the criminal activities of his family and cousins.

7. Weeds

This show is like Breaking Bad but unlike Breaking Bad, it’s more comedy and drama than action and chaos. The main character of the show Nancy Botwin’s background is much similar to Bryan Cranston’s Walter White. Both the character wants to provide their family. Weeds similary revolves around a troubled lady living a dual life, one as a parent and a drug dealer.

Nancy Botwin is a widowed mother who turns into a marijuana dealer after her husband Judah dies while jogging with his younger son, Shane Botwin. After the tragic death of Judah, Nancy tries to maintain the lifestyle of her family and foster her two childrens.

6. Boardwalk Empire

Although, the show has some fictions characters but many of the characters are based on real life gangsters, crimes of the prohibition era. The best example for that is the character of Al Capone, the extremely violent and wrathful character is played by Stephen Graham.

The show is set in the prohibition era which was in the 1920s. Starring Steve Buscemi as the main character Enoch ‘Nucky’ Thompson who is a real life character based on Enoch L. Johnson . The show depicts a story about the protagonist Enoch ‘Nucky’ Thompson reaching the heights of his life by having control over Atlantic City, New Jersey.

5. Deadwood

This dramatic modern western show is set in 1870s in South Dakota. This show has the famous and infamous figures too like Seth Bullock, Al Swearengen, Wild Bill Hickok, Calamity Jane, James McCall, etc. If you want to watch a crime drama which has that western style, you should watch this show.

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Deadwood only lasted 3 seasons but each of the 36 episodes have suspensful and action packed storylines. Unfortunately, this show was cancelled due to some problems in 2006. But worry, the 36 episodes are enough to distinguish the captivating storyline of the show.

4. Narcos

Walter White stopped everyone who tried to stop his business, just like that, if you want another show that is full of drug dealing and bloodshed then, you should definitely watch this biography. In Narcos, we get to see the chronicle of the Colombian billionare drug lord Pablo Escobar. The first and second season depicts a story of Pablo Escobar and his down downfall.

After the fall of Pablo Escobar, the show picks up with the DEA trying to shut down the Cali Cartel. The leader of Cali Cartel, Gilberto Rodríguez Orejuela has his business going great after the death the Colombian drug kingpin. He announces that he’d shut down his business within 6 months and go on with a legal business.

3. Sons of Anarchy

This show is perfect for you if you love riding bikes. Well, not only that but the show is also fully action packed with bodies dropping everytime and guns blazing. However, you’re going to have to watch few episodes of the show if you want to get dissolved into it because Sons of Anarchy is not a show which would persuade you with a single episode.

The show’s primary focus is on Jax Teller. A guy who struggles to maintain his life as a dad and member of a motorcycle gang.
Just like Breaking Bad’s spin off is Better Call Saul, this show also has it’s own spin off sequel called Mayans MC which follows the story of Sons of Anarchy after the death of Jax Teller.

2. The Sopranos

The Sopranos is a classic crime drama show. This show is an inspiration to many crime drama movies and TV shows. Each episode of this show is sarcastic, emotional, dramatic and everything you could ask for. The show ran for 6 seasons.

Tony Soprano, the leading character of the show is not real but the way is, it feels like it’s a biography of Tony Soprano. He lives a dual life, the mob life and the personal life. He can’t maintain both of them which affects his mental state that leads him to a psychiatrist, Jennifer Melfi.

1. The Wire

The Wire is a renowned HBO TV series. Calling this series as one of the greatest ever won’t be exaggeration, it’s a fact. This series depicts the dark side of society. Thee show is strictly not made for kids as it features a high amount of violence. It becomes complex as it has so many characters with their side stories. The Wire is set in the city of Baltimore. A couple of detectives try solving cases related to drug kingpins.

Well, if you watch this show, you’re definitely going to binge watch it, that’s for sure. The Wire ran for 5 seasons and above all, it’s worth your time.

So guys, above are the 10 shows that you should watch if you want that tone you find in Breaking Bad. Also, tell us in the comments which show you’re looking forward to.

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